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Pennywort (Hydrocotyle verticillata)

Pennywort is excellent for stream beds or planted as a marginal plant. Can be planted in soil or light gravel. It is a very attractive plant when trailing along a stream or waterfall. The 1" to 2" leaves stand 6" to 12" out of the water. It is a very fast grower.

Pennywort (Hydrocotyle verticillata)
Hardiness Zone: 5-11
Planting Container: We recommend a 1 Gallon Solid Planting Container or a Small Planting Bag.
Light Requirements: full sun to part shade
Height: 6" to 12" - Spread: 12" to 24"
Water Depth: Moist soil to 12" (Maximum water depth is for mature bog plants)

For planting instructions see our: Planting Instructions for Bog Plants Page.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review