Mermaidweed (Proserpinaca Palustris)

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Mermaidweed (Proserpinaca Palustris)

Mermaidweed works similarly to other submerged plants as it takes nutrients from the water and helps keep your pond water cleaner. Mermaidweed stands out from other submerged plants with its lighter green leaves. Mermaidweed provides cover for small fish to hide in. We recommend on bunch for every 2 square feet of surface area. Mermaidweed can be grown as a submerged plant or an emergent plant.

Planting instructions:

Mermaidweed can be weighted, so that it will sink to the bottom of your pond with our plant weights or plant using a 4" x 4" basket with some pea gravel.

Minimum purchase of 5.

Mermaidweed (Proserpinaca Palustris)
Hardiness Zone: 5-11
Water Depth: Submerged or emergent
Light Requirements: Full Sun to part shade


(No reviews yet) Write a Review