Hardiness Zones and Shipping

Shipping & Freight

We do our best to try to ship orders within 1-5 business days of when you place your order if your zone is ready for the plants ordered. All orders are shipped Monday through Friday for arrival by Saturday to ensure that products arrive healthy. Hardgood orders can ship Monday through Friday regardless of transit and zone. We ship to the 48 contiguous states via FedEx or USPS, as our standard shipping services. Plants and products are shipped from our location in northeast Ohio.

Example: California is a 4 day shipping transit from us, so a plant order to California has to ship on either Monday or Tuesday during the week. If a California order is placed later in the week it will have to wait to ship until the next week.

Example 2: Ohio is a 1-2 day shipping transit from us, so a plant order to Ohio could ship as late as a Thursday or Friday.

There are exceptions to these examples, however, we do our best to get your order to you as quickly and as healthy as possible.

Plant Guarantee

All plant orders will be held and sent out when your location is deemed warm enough. Please mark your order in the customer comments as "Ship Now Per Customer" if you do not want to wait for your zone to be warm enough. Doing so will void our plant guarantee. Note: if there are pre-order items on your order it cannot be shipped until all plants are available. When is zone appropriate? We base shipping off of USDA Hardiness Zones, however, these are not always accurate, so we do check estimated water temperatures for your area before shipping to make sure that "all" the plants on your order will survive.

Zone shipping dates are approximate. We watch temperatures closely to ensure that the plants arrive at a time when they can safely be placed in your pond. If your order contains tropical plants it will be held until your zone is ready for all plants on the order.

Please note: These SHIPPING TIMES ARE ESTIMATES. We check the actual temperatures and weather forecasts for your zip code when determining if your area is warm enough to sustain the plants on your order. Zones 8 & 9 in the Pacific Northwest are usually ship closer to the zone 5-6 time frame.

Zones 9 and 10 can be shipped year round. During the winter, we do hold orders if they would freeze in transit.

Zone 8 hardy plants ship around mid March and tropical plants Sometime in May depending on your area.

Zone 7 hardy plants ship around the first of April and tropical plants towards the end of May or Beginning of June.

Zone 6 hardy plants ship around mid April and tropical plants beginning of June to Mid June.

Zone 5 hardy plants ship around the first of May and tropical Plants Mid-End of June.

Zones 3 and 4 hardy plants ship around the Mid-May and tropical Plants Mid-End of June

*Orders requested to ship before zone-ready voids the plant guarantee.