Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Question:  Where is my order?

Answer:  We ship according to USDA Planting Zones and hold your order until your Zone is warm enough for the plants to survive your current temperatures. All orders are shipped Monday through Friday for arrival by Saturday to ensure that the plants arrive healthy. Plants and products are shipped from our location in northeast Ohio.

     Example 1: California is a 3-4 day shipping transit from us, so a plant order to California can ship Monday - Wednesday during the week. If a California order is placed later in  the week it will ship the following week, to avoid having the plants delayed in transit over the weekend.

     Example 2: Ohio is a 1 day shipping transit from us, so a plant order to Ohio could ship as late as a Thursday or Friday.

There are exceptions to these examples, however, we do our best to get your order to you as quickly and as healthy as possible.

Question: If my zone is still too cold for the plants, will you ship my plants ahead of schedule, if I request you to do so?

Answer: Yes, simply leave a note in the comment section, when checking out to "Ship Now" and we will be happy to send them out to you as soon as possible.

Question: What size are the water lilies and how are they shipped?

Answer: The water lilies are shipped bare root with wet newspaper in a plastic bag. We ship mature, growing tubers/rhizomes. 

Question: What size are the bog plants when shipped?

Answer: The size of the plant that we ship varies by variety. We ship plants that are semi-mature or mature, not new starts.

Question: I ordered snails and they have not moved since I released them into the pond. Are they dead?

Answer:  Snails are very shy when entering a new environment and the length of time before they come out and begin to wander around will vary. Depending on water temperatures, it could take up to a week.  Occasionally, snails may float when you first receive them. This means that there is air trapped in their shells. As long as the trapdoor is still in place, let them float and the air will work its way out. 

Question: Do you guarantee live delivery of snails and tadpoles?

Answer: We ship live healthy snails and tadpoles, but because of the shock of shipping cannot guarantee the live delivery of every single snail. For this reason we include extra snails and tadpoles for each order in case of fatality during shipping. When temperatures are extremely hot across the United States we recommend waiting for cooler temperatures when ordering snails or tadpoles.